A Step Back in Time | Letters from Those Before Us | Kentucky Photographer

Something that has always intrigued me is things that have lasted through years of aging. A few days ago, I made a quick stop by Gwen's Country Attic in Isom, KY and while I was there, Gwen brought out this huge box of letters, notes, postcards, and stamps that had been laying around for a long time, some for around 100+ years. I took my time going through the pages and filled a small bag to bring home with me. There is something about these letters that just spoke to me. They all tell a story and show the slightest bit of light of what use to be the daily lives of those before us - and I absolutely loved that.

This was their way of communicating and staying in touch with their loved ones, all written in beautiful cursive handwriting that has unfortunately been lost over time. I am so glad that I was able to find these and document them to remind myself (and hopefully others) of simpler times.

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