One of the main questions I'm asked during the planning of sessions is 'what should we wear?' It is always important that you pick something that you feel comfortable and beautiful in! If you need inspiration for color schemes or outfit combos, Pinterest offers some wonderful pointers and tips - we've linked below some highlights to help you plan!


Location also plays an important role in your photos. We want to pick somewhere that goes seamlessly with the vision you have for your photos. For most sessions, we always ask if there is a special location you have in mind that has meaning to you that we can incorporate into photos. We are open to travel anywhere! If you're unsure of what you want for your location, here's a highlight of local locations we regularly use as well as some locations we love outside the area.

studio (hazard)

BNG Studio

We offer a variety of backdrops in studio and can do almost any kind of set up you have in mind! It's spacious enough to accommodate up to 10-15 people. (Catalog featuring sample photos of all of our offered backdrops coming soon)

East Perry Fields (hazard)

East Perry Fields

The fields at East Perry have perfect lighting for golden hour in both morning and evening hours. Peaks of the mountains can be seen and tons of flowering and green fields. Easy access and public

Lowe's Field (hazard)

Lowe's Field

The field has a great view of the mountain and cliff and has best lighting in the evening with tall grass (seasonal). Easy access and public

Walmart Field (Hazard)

Walmart Field

The field was once the parking lot for the strip job behind Walmart. There isn't as much grass in the area but the mountain views are amazing with best lighting in the evening. Easy access when conditions weather conditions are dry. (Access is currently unavailable)

Downtown Hazard

Downtown Hazard

There is a variety of areas for photos in downtown! Including the coffee shop balcony, People's Park, Main Street, etc.

Bobby Davis Park (hazard)

Bobby Davis Park

Mix of stone, greenery, and old architectural details. Lighting is great for the majority of the day. However, due to the age and less upkeep of the park, it has become less accessible.

Home place Community Center (Hazard/ary)

Home Place

I am so excited to say that we now have access to Home Place again. There are still a few smaller historic buildings that remain and the pond and field still look beautiful after the 2022 flood.

Miniard Farm (Cornettsville)

Miniard Farm

This area is one of my personal favorites in Perry County! Featuring several barns, fields, white fencing, cabin, etc. There is also a beautiful pond and creek area with old growth pines (only accessible via 4WD). Lighting is best early in the morning and evenings.

battle of leatherwood grounds (Cornettsville)


Mix of historical cabins and fields and a beautiful swinging bridge. Lighting is best in the evening.

Pine Mountain (Whitesburg)

Pine Mountain

There are several beautiful overlooks along the Letcher County side of Pine Mountain - the mountains can be seen clearly from the majority of areas and there are also wooded trails and a historic chimney and shed to add variety to photos. Best lighting is in the evening and the overlooks have easy access and open to the public.

Carr Creek Lake (Knott COunty)

Carr Creek

Easy access to water and trails! Best lighting in morning and evenings.

Downtown pikeville

Downtown Pikeville

Downtown features beautiful historic features, colorful areas and a very clean parking garage roof with great views.

Kingdom Come state park (Cumberland)

Kingdom Come State Park

Beautiful views of the mountains, a pond, and several trails and historic structures make for beautiful photos. Best lighting in the mornings and evenings!

The Perfect Place (Bonnyman)

The Perfect Place

There is a good variety of areas for photos on this property! A small waterhole with streams, fields, trees with beautiful lights, a rustic barn, and more. This location has best lighting in the evenings. The Perfect Place is by appointment only and needs to be scheduled several weeks in advance to prevent overlapping with events on the property.

Polly Holler strip job (Perry/Leslie line on old hwy 80)

Polly Holler

Currently getting permission for future sessions on property

Buckhorn Lake state park (Buckhorn)

pikeville airport (pikeville)

red river gorge (slade*)